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- Into the dark -

This 'Into the Dark' mini-series reminds me of moonlit visits to the oceanfront. Late summer nights were spent crawling up lifeguard stands and laying on the sand staring at the stars. The waves of the ocean really have a glow to them when the moon is full and is just making its way across the horizon and into the sky.

Made with a deep-blue painted background and a single epoxy resin pour. Each wave is the result of high temps from both a heat gun and a torch reaching over 1000 degrees.

These waves are as sleek & badass as they come. A high gloss 12x12 piece, stunning alone or with the complement of others. Each wave so unique your eye can get lost in the bubbly froth. See more images in the Chasing Waves Collection.

Love the 'Into the Dark' series?

Reach out to commission your own Virginia Beach inspired coastal art made by local, Danielle Hart.


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